What to Wear

Children's Street Dance and Rock n Roll:

Girls: CAM Dance t-shirt, black leggings and jazz shoes

Boys: CAM Dance t-shirt, jogging pants and jazz shoes

(t-shirts can be purchased from the teacher)


Children's Ballroom and Latin:

Girls: CAM Dance t-shirt, black leggings and ballroom shoes

Boys: CAM Dance t-shirt, jogging pants and ballroom shoes

(t-shirts can be purchased from the teacher)


Dance shoes can be purchased from Attitude Dancewear which is based in Cambridge. To find out more or to order online, please visit their website.


Term Dates

Autumn Term 2016

Monday 12th September-Friday 9th December

Half term- 22nd-30th October


Term and Conditions

Please read through these carefully before attending a class: 

  • Students should be fit and healthy in order to attend dance classes - this is a physical activity! Please speak to Chrissie about any physical issues before the start of class, however insignificant it may seem.  For more complex/on-going issues, please discuss provide medical documentation as may be necessary.
  • Students should be comfortable learning in a group setting, where from time to time they will be arranged into smaller groups or pairs. If there are any learning issues associated with your child, you should speak to Chrissie to discuss the issues and to ensure the group is suitable for the child. 
  • Communications regarding term dates, fees, or anything else will normally be made by email.
  • Students may be invited for examination by Chrissie when they are ready. The readiness of students for examinations and tests is assessed by Chrissie and the decision made is final. Students are able to progress in all dance styles without examination.

Use of photos

Photos of students in classes may be taken from time to time and used by CAM Dance for marketing materials in a variety of media. The images will not be shared with third parties. Please get in touch if you do not wish images of the your child to be used in this way.