If you’ve ever used jQuery’s .animate(), the basic syntax of WAAPI should look pretty familiar. A new JavaScript API for driving animated content on the web. It’s worth noting that in both CSS and WAAPI, you shouldn’t pass in an easing value for the last frame, as this will have no effect. It looks like easy scroll-linked animations will be implemented eventually Very helpful. Let’s look at a more exciting example. I also Let’s grab that single animation object to work with. There is a native API for animation in JavaScript known as the Web Animations API. We can even change the speed of an animation with complete ease. It aims to bring the power of CSS performance, add the benefits and flexibility of JavaScript (and SVG animation, which we will talk about in a future post), and leave it to the browsers to make it work well. At the very least, we should also specify an easing. C'est là que les choses commencent à devenir intéressantes. The Web Animations API is a tool that enables developers to write imperative animations with JavaScript. A vingt-quatre ans, je deviens artiste peintre professionnel (SIRET : 49073847300019) sous le pseudonyme Guyom, puis .G (point G). WAAPI gives us a syntax to do in JavaScript what we could already achieve in a stylesheet. This API was designed to underlie implementations of both CSS Animations and CSS Transitions, and leaves the door open to future animation effects. Cela permet d'ajouter d'autres animations sur un élément et de les paramètrer indépendamment. endDelay: endDelay is useful if you want to string multiple animations after each other, but want there to be a gap between the end of one animation and the start of any subsequent ones. Web Animations API. We already have a variety of events triggered by CSS that we can utilise in our JavaScript code :  animationstart, animationend, animationiteration and transitionend. Usage share statistics by StatCounter GlobalStats for October, 2020 Location detection provided by ipinfo.io. We can map over all the animation objects in the array calling .finished on each of them, giving us the needed array of promises. The best place to start learning about the Web Animations API is the documentation I wrote for MDN on a Mozilla Foundation grant. Elle propose des animations puissantes et performantes. Il existe une dernière valeur pour la propriété composite, à savoir accumulate. Opacity controls the transparency and is useful for fading in and fading out. Chrome 84 adds a slew of previously unsupported features to the Web Animations API. Difficile à dire. Le premier argument de l'élément que nous voulons animer, les images clés, doit être un tableau (array) d'objets. Use the WebAnimator program to create gifs, HTML5 animations, banners, and buttons that work perfectly with every browser and device, without writing a single line of code. I'm experimenting with the web animations API for the first time, and trying to chain some values together. ShopTalk is a podcast all about front-end web design and development. The .animate() method doesn’t just animate our element,  it also returns something. The Web Animations API has the reverse method which allows the running animation to be played back in the opposite direction it is currently headed. Opacity controls the transparency and is useful for … However, at least in the current browser implementations, these properties can still be helpful and necessary in dealing with jank issues. A unified model for supporting animation and synchronization on the Web platform. WAAPI also offers this ability. In the example you gave you had only two keyframes…one for 0% and one for 100% …What if you had three keyframes and wanted them to run at 10%, 70% and 100% as an example…is there a way to set that with WAAPI? — … We’ll call it WAAPI in this post. The only problem I have with the javascript API is – when I want to use it instead of the transition – I still need to manually set all the css properties after the animation finishes, as it animates and then reverts to state 0. It does so by combining two models: the Timing Model and the Animation Model. I was stumped when I first came across iterationStart. The browser can now cleanup and remove old animations, saving memory and improving performance. The API supports the implementation of CSS Animations Creating a CSS Transition dynamically requires forcing or waiting for a style invalidation so start and end values can be specified 2. I'm a little confused as for this simple animation, where it will translate 200px along the X axis, then 200px down along the Y axis once the first animation is complete. Sachez que celle-ci renvoie toujours un tableau de tous les objets d'animations, peu importe le nombre d'animations (une ou plusieurs), incluant les animations et transitions CSS ainsi que les animations web. As such, it’s best to understand Web Animations as the foundationfor animations on t… La trentaine passée, cultivant un intérêt pour toute forme d'art, éternel insatisfait et grand amateur de café. Here’s a checker for that: See the Pen WAAPI Browser Support Test by Dan Wilson (@danwilson) on CodePen. It’s currently only working in Chrome and Firefox. The Web Animations API as it stands in stable browsers today is largely on par with CSS Animations with some added niceties like a playbackRate option and the ability to jump/seek to different points. This is why every time I explore new technologies I always end up creating demos with as many particles as I can.. Que vous cherchiez à créer des animations web discrètes pour rendre vos interfaces plus vivantes et agréables ou bien des effets impressionnants qui blufferont vos utilisateurs, les 20 bibliothèques et plugins CSS et Javascript qui suivent sauront répondre à la majorité de vos besoins. The Web Animation API. This example shows 3 child animations controlled by a single parent animation.

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