Shipping Size: Medium 2-3'' Large 4-5'' Sale: Yes. Shipping Size: Small 2'' Medium 2-3'' Click here to view Complete FastStats *All Fish, Inverts and Coral ship next day UPS from Atlanta, Ga. *Your order may not look like photo shown due to variety and size within a species. Quick View. Select options. That's right, all of the fish that we have on sale are reef safe unless otherwise noted. Yellow Coris Wrasse (Halichoeres Chrysus) Regular price $35.97 $26.98 Sale. Likewise this wrasse will hunt tube worms, pyramidellid snails and small shrimp They should not be disturbing any crabs, corals or adult shrimp. Minimum Tank Size: 50 gal. Select options. Exquisite Fairy Wrasse (Kenya) $34.95. Find popular saltwater wrasse that are reef safe for your home aquarium in stock and on sale. $0.00. Learn more . There are many accounts from hobbyists saying they were great additions to their tanks and were reef safe. Email me when available. Wrasses - Reef Safe. Reef Safe: No. Origin: Fiji, Indonesia. $49.99 . 48 Products . From six line wrasse, fairy wrasse, orangeback fairy and more. Now, I know that is a bit of a troubling description, because fish are either reef safe, or they are not. clownfish. Dec 18, 2017 - Explore Georgina Clark's board "Wrasse" on Pinterest. Related Products. Disappearing Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus evanidus) $29.95. From the small but feirce Six-Line Wrasse, to the footlong behemoth Leopard Wrasse genus, there is a wrasse for every flavor of fish tank, whether it be a fish only setup, or a reef tank that needs a bit of life and color. Quick View. Tamarins & Leopard Wrasses . Spotted Cardinalfish easy peaceful Longspine Cardinalfish easy peaceful. Copperband Butterfly that is very popular, is not reef safe. CONCIERGE SERVICE. Compare. Six-line's are great little guys, the majority of the 'flasher' and 'fairy' species are great as well. Add to Cart . Blue Spot Jawfish. The only inverts you will need to be careful of are new additions to the tank that have not gotten … It is commonly used to control aiptasia but it is prone to pick at corals if it is not well fed. $70.00 Sale. Add To Cart . … Unlike other non reef safe wrasse they will not pick at or dig through corals for food. Sort & Filter Narrow By . Email me when available. From $49.00 Horn Shark. Sort by: Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse. $22.95. Small or newly added shrimp may be in trouble if the Red Lined Wrasse has reached its full size and maturity, but overall … They will prey on any existing flat worms or feather dusters eventually. Care Level: Moderate. Size: This item is currently out of stock! From $150.00 $200.00. The Lime Green Wrasse is also known as the Sunset Wrasse, Banana Wrasse and Yellow Brown Wrasse. Pintail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Isosceles) $299.99. See more ideas about Wrasse, Marine fish, Fish. $4,500.00 $3,600.00. Wrasses-Reef Safe. Temperament: Peaceful. Size: This item is currently out of stock! Care Level: Moderate. Diet: Carnivore. Like many wrasses this species goes through a terminal phase. I am only going to focus on wrasses in categories 1 and 2 for a few reasons, but mainly because the entire classification of wrasses is so large, this thread could literally be my life’s work if I … They don´t dig themselves into the sand, but … Most either fall into the category of “looking cool” or “doing something beneficial” in your reef aquarium. Reef Compatibility: Reef Safe. The Flame Wrasse is completely reef safe. OATA Guide to keeping Dartfish and Wrasse. Wrasses are vibrantly colored and have a very playful disposition which makes them highly sought after as a centerpiece fish. Browse by Category. $44.99 . Wrasse - Reef Safe The Wrasse within this category will not pick at nor consume corals or most invertebrates. No ; Yes ; Yes, with caution ; Wrasses & Hogfish. Mar 18, 2017 - Explore My Info's board "wrasse fish" on Pinterest. See more ideas about wrasse, marine fish, salt water fish. flame-fairy-wrasse-cirrhilabrus-jordani. Store Location. The females of this species, like other wrasses in the Cirrhilabrus genus, are mostly pink with a white underside. Description. We think if you are looking to add an interesting … Reef Safe: With Caution. I need to re-home one asap. Wrasse's are one of the most diverse familys of saltwater fish that can be kept in home aquariums. All orders, minimum order: $500. I couldn’t find any hard facts about why they are not considered to be fully reef safe. Resources. You dream the aquarium, we build and fill them. Diana Hogfish - Bodianus diana - Sub-adult. Like most wrasse they will hunt the rocks of the tank, looking for tiny crustaceans and any food scraps they can find. Sold Out. Origin: Indo-pacific. Family: Labridae . Large Angels like the Emperor Angel, Regal Angel, Queen Angel, … Saltwater Angelfish diet consists of microalgaes, macroalgaes, sponges, and zooplankton. They will adapt to most conditions and can be found on coral reefs or rock reefs. Your wrasse, as you have already noticed, is NOT reef safe! Supplies. Adult specimens in the wild can easily grow to a foot, but in an aquarium, they rarely exceed 6-8 inches. The Five Stripe Wrasse is also known as the Pinkface … Diet: Carnivore. Likewise they do not swim aggressively and will not knock over any corals. Cortez rainbow wrasse Family Labridae - Thalassoma Origin The Mexican Golf, West Atlantic Max length 15 cm (5,9") As aquarium fish Minimum volume 800 cm (211 gal) Hardiness Hardy : Suitable for aquarium Suitable with care : Reef safe Reef safe with caution : Aggressiveness Might be aggressive towards similar species Feed Recommended Zooplankton (Cyclops, pods...) Small crustaceans (Krill, mysis, … The Wrasse within this category will not pick at nor consume corals or most invertebrates. Compare. Quick View. Out of Stock. Click here to view Complete FastStats *All Fish, Inverts and Coral ship next day UPS from Atlanta, Ga. *Your order may not look like photo shown due to variety and size within a species. Juveniles are a yellowish white color while adult males are blue with a green … Dartfish are reef safe, peaceful colourful fish that require plenty of rocks for hiding places. P. hexataenia can occasionally show extreme aggression towards other fish of the same size, in which case consider fish of the Halichoeres genus instead. Reef Compatibility: Reef Safe. Brown Bird Wrasse (Gomphosus varius) … Ocellaris Clownfish moderate peaceful Ocellaris Clownfish(tank-bred)easy … More... Filter by. Color: blue, green, orange Aggressiveness: Non-Aggressive Diet: Carnivore Max Size: 7.5" Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons Relative Care: moderate Photo Courtesy of Felicia McCaulley. 1-2" 2-3" 3-4" 4-5" Sort by. Saltwater Angelfish for Sale - Saltwater Angelfish are major showpieces in a large saltwater aquariums and are NOT typically considered to be reef safe. Reactions: Highgrade, 5806spartan, Firedawg1983 and 1 other person. Add to … Care Level Temperament Color Form Diet See all refinements. pintail-fairy-wrasse. Quick View. The juvenile and adult appearances vary greatly. Found in every ocean, although the greatest diversity of bigger angelfish are found in the Indo-Pacific. As a youth, the body color is orange with white tiger … There was one account of an individual having a habit of … $99.99. The Red Lined Wrasse is mostly reef safe but can attack worms in the tank. These wrasses are always in movement, providing an endless amount of activity for either a saltwater fish only or reef aquarium. Browse Petco's selection of Reef Safe Wrasse for sale. Hoeven’s wrasse is reported to be mostly reef safe. While a couple are reef safe with caution, I had a good number of different kinds of corals with them, and I didn’t have any problems—caveats: the trigger may go after snails/shrimp though I never saw him do it; the Emperor was with SPS, hammers, and some zoas … Banded Cat Shark Egg. Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura) Starting at: $ 55.99. I took a big chance and bought two, and odds were not in my favor. A pain in the butt for sure, but you may need to remove your liverock to catch him. Females and juveniles are pale green with … Price. Asking $100 They have been fully QT, copper, Prazi, and GC. Add to Wishlist. SIZE, INVENTORY LEVEL Add to cart Origin: Indo-pacific. Minimum Tank Size: 90 gal. Reef safe wrasse. Twospot Wrasse - Oxycheilinus bimaculatus. Oct 4, 2011 1,012 374 Port Macquarie, NSW, AUS. From $350.00 Smooth Hound Grey Shark. Description. Home. First, let’s discuss what qualifies as a reef safe wrasse. The Red Coris Wrasse, also known as the Clown Wrasse, Red Labrid, or Yellowtail Coris, can be found on almost every reef in the Indo-Pacific and Hawaiian Region, and extends all the way into the Red Sea. Out of Stock. The Yellow-Fin Fairy Wrasse is mostly red and white in coloration with a yellow dorsal fin. Wrasse These active colourful fish make an interesting addition to the aquarium. Research is key in this situation, as it allows you to determine how a specific fish will fit into your aquarium system. The Richmond Wrasse is a popular but infrequently offered wrasse for reef aquariums. The melanurus wrasse in my opinion is one of the best in both categories. 5511 Highway 280 Ste 310. Diet: Carnivore, Live Foods, Frozen Mysid. We’ve teamed up with Piscine Energetics to assure that your fish arrive eating the healthiest and best quality food in the industry with gusto! They eat frozen brine, live black worms, and frozen mysis. Wrasse-Reef Safe. Hogfish . Fish traps were a joke for this slippery dude. Tel (205) 874-9526. Eventhough these fish can be very aggressive, if they are hunted by larger, even more aggressive species, they will hide themselves. 0. Diana Hogfish - … Home > Wrasse - Reef Safe. That goes for our saltwater invertebrates too—all are safe to add to your current Reef Tank unless noted. $39.99 . It is the Psuedeocheilinus hexataenia (Sixline Wrasse) one sees most in the trade. Size: This item is currently out of stock! I have a 2.25-2.5 inch Earmuff Wrasse for sale. I consider three big breaks in the entire wrasse family which are as follows: 1) Completely reef safe, 2) Mostly reef safe, and 3) Don’t even think about it. From $80.00 Sold Out. Coral On Sale; Inverts On Sale; Search for: Search for: Email ; 772-222-3808; Wrasses. I really want a wrasse for my tank are there any that won't attack my shrimp and stuff ? Sale Flathead Perch. Reef Safe: No. View Product. They are some of the most colorful of the moderately-sized saltwater fish that can be … Golden Rhomboid Pair (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis) $599.99. Cardinal. The Christmas Wrasse or Red-Lined Wrasse is … Flame Fairy Wrasse Supermale Pair (Cirrhilabrus jordani) $599.99. California Round Stingrays. Add to Cart . Quick View. Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Rubrimarginatus) Price $84.99. Lunate Fairy … While most fish that are sold within the hobby are compatible with our beloved reef tanks, some require more thought before they are added to an aquarium. Family: Labridae . Cleaner Wrasse £ 21.90. Chromis. Acclimation: Standard. Compare. Add to Cart . All of the fish sold at … Hardy, interesting, colorful, and relatively easy to keep, most wrasses are half a foot or less in length. Origin: Indo-Pacific . Apr 5, 2019 #2 … S&R DaVinci Clown Fish Grade A. Located in Brick NJ, pick up only . Learn more. Blue Reef Chromis easy peaceful Blue/Green Reef Chromis easy peaceful. Although not a scientific distinction, there are two kinds of wrasses for the aquarists to consider—reef-safe and not reef-safe. Birmingham, AL 35242. Preference would be a banana wrasse :) brendore Moderator. There was one in my tank (a christmas wrasse) when it was given to me a few years ago and I had a devil of a time getting him out of there. Check out our selection today! GUARANTEED TO EAT. Size. Many show a marked different colouration as they mature. Acclimation: Standard. Sale Center; Marine Fish; Coral; Reef Cleaner Packs; Marine Invert/Plant; Reef Rock; ORA Fish/Coral/Inv; Narrow Results. Aquarium. Coris Wrasses . The Australian Lime Green Wrasse is a colorful and large species of the Labridae family. When courting, the male will display an increased color intensity. Mar 3, 2012 #2 There's a lot of reef safe wrasse's out there. From $600.00 Bandit Cat Shark. FREE SHIPPING. Approx Size: 1" - 1.75" These are the NOT reef-safe wrasses. Live Fish. The rarest fish in the world hand delivered by a … They have a timid nature so do not house with aggressive tank mates. There are many reef safe fish for sale at local fish stores and even online at websites such as Home / Fish / Wrasses Quick View. Banana's and IMO any … Live Corals. Like Reply. Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons. Richmond Wrasse Fish Type: Reef Safe Scientific Name: Halichoeres richmondi Species: labridae. Tuskfish . golden-rhomboid-pair. Log In. It can be one of your best friends as far as actively seeking out coral pests and its totally fun to watch it do so as it darts and pokes its way through every piece of rock work. Broomtail Wrasse (Cheilinus lunulatus) Starting at: $ 307.99. Reef Safe. Tags : Male/Female Fish (Pair) Reef Safe Fish Wrasse Maximum quantity available reached. Coral Hogfish - Bodianus mesothorax - Small. Add To Cart.

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