During these 10 days, I spent 40 hours in the plane and also plenty of time studying the knowledge. He really helped me understand a lot of concepts I’d been struggling with and I now feel that I’ll be a safe and competent Private Pilot. In my first several months of flying I cannot tell you how many times his teaching points I have thought back on. I began my flight training in the “traditional” way two years before I contacted AFIT. Thank you John for your dedication and sincerity. I flew from Michigan to California to meet with John at the Van Nuys Airport. he is a true professional from an era almost forgotten. Flight training at our Georgetown, Texas facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, an aviation professional for over 32 years, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial with over 13,000 Total Logged hours, and over 7,800 hours of dual given. I would also like to thank you Tony for working with me from the very first email to after completing my training. He really gets you ready for life as a pilot. John is a very patient and thorough teacher. And a good instructor will make all the difference. AFIT was great. Mind you, the key is in the quality of the teaching and Cholena certainly is a star. I finally made flying a priority and was able to utilize AFIT and Andy’s help to achieve a life long dream of becoming a pilot. I just got a complex endorsement today too, and I figured you’d be happy to hear. Finally, in December 2018 (2 years after solo), I was ready to go full throttle. Training Packages. Thank you AFIT and John for everything that you have done for me, I will recommend my experience to anyone interested in aviation. John was such a great instructor. Eric was fully committed to seeing me succeed and went the extra mile. He treated me like his Son, 100% of care and focus. Thank you both so much for helping me in a difficult position; because of AFIT I am now able to apply for the Reserves Pilot Board which meets at the end of the month. Tony scheduled me with John at their Boulder, Colorado location. I met Gil in Van Nuys and dove straight into review and training completion and was finished in 9 days. Your personal skills and the weather are somewhat beyond our control. Lou was able to diagnose my failure points immediately and got my skills up to PTS standards in a matter of days. Making sure the planes are in good condition and scheduling the date with DPE. The experience was great and we fully expect to be back with you again in the future. I’m a banker in New York City with a hectic and dynamic schedule. Thank you so much AFIT and John for all of your help! Among those whose teaching has and will continue to have an impact on my Life. After a full year at my university, I left with 10.4 total flight time hours. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his skills/abilities. I started training with A.F.I.T. Lastly, I can’t understate the value of having a dedicated aeroplane provider and partner. :-). I want to specially thank you for recommending Tom for the job. I don’t know of anywhere else that someone can learn in that short of time and feel as confident and as proficient as I do with the instruction. to get my training and I would do it again without any doubts.When the time comes for me to seek additional training I will definitely be getting ahold of you for further business. Thank you for helping me realize a dream by providing a great instructor in St George, Utah. During those days I visited more than 7 different airports, even different states. The training was great. I certainly lucked out with Andy – he is a class act and I will undoubtedly be visiting him again for my instrument and commercial ratings. Precision Helicopter Services - (Visits: 2073) City: Cleveland. It was tough to fit all the training and all my questions into 14 days since I had no background or experience in aviation before hand, but Oleg made it happen. Aviation Community. However, I was still a bit skeptical. By the end of the two weeks, Ruben made sure that I was very well prepared for my checkride. Instead of just forcing more pattern work, Greg saw the chance to keep pushing and got me up into the mountains with him to try out some challenging strips. Greg turned out to be the perfect CFI for me! 14 Day Private Pilot Course  / C172 with G1000. He showed me a lot of useful programs on the Net, which make flight planning and weather updates quick and useful to find and interpret. Anyone who works with him will learn a ridiculous amount in a short time. It’s great to be able to look back and see that only after two weeks, I have my pilot’s license. And an experienced, skilled and dedicated instructor like Cholena was exactly what I needed. And for want of more powerful words. Wanted to let you know I am more than thrilled with the program you have. Thanks.. I’m forever grateful. Next, IFR! as I know I would’ve likely dealt with “revolving door” issues from a training facility that had “time-building” CFIs that have no incentive to help you get your ticket in a timely manner. I have been looking for more than 50 flying schools since 2004 around the USA and many of accelerated program offers  similar course with very cheap price. I would sincerely like to thank Tony and Andy for such a wonderful experience. I went from soloing a mere three traffic patterns to flying solo long distance cross country in a matter of days! Price does not include the FAA Examiner fee. My training in Hurricane, Utah was a great training venue. We had just done a lot of time doing cross wind landings. I never would have thought that I would be able to achieve my pilot’s license in two weeks. I had the benefit of coming to AFIT with ~33 hours in a Cessna 172 in 2011, and more recently, about another 8 hours between June-July this year flying in the busy New York airspace. By the final day, John had me more than prepared for the Final and I passed with flying colors. He pushed me to succeed when I was ready to give up halfway through the week! It’s not often one can say they enjoyed the test taking experience but this is one such time. I tried a couple years ago to get my certificate and the normal day-to-day distractions of running a business and having a family kept me from realizing the dream. Greg turned out to be the perfect CFI for me! Working with you and Tom was an absolute pleasure and I recommend everyone should take the AFIT training it is top notch! Life happens, and you lead the way for me to remain focused and adherent to the utmost level of professionalism to become part of the aviation community. She was always there pushing, teaching, and making me understand so much about the art of flying. Erwin constantly challenged me to give me the best odds to passing my check ride when the day came. Thanks for the email. You are a great instructor because you tailor the coaching & message to how each individual student learns. I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the assistance with finishing my flight training. As you know, I flew my private-pilot training with Lou and I can definitely say that he is a great instructor and really gets involved in every aspect of training, from theory and exam preparation to practical tips and tricks to make the flying experience both more enjoyable and more useful for the student. Specifically the ” these are the things you did wrong, here is how to do them correctly. In particular having Eric as my instructor, in the high density altitudes of Southern Utah, made my 14-day training both enjoyable and invaluable. team for helping me achieve this great feat. Still can’t believe that we did it! I had a great time getting my pilots license. I had about 10-15 hours when I was 16, 21 years ago and attempted training again back in 2018 and the search for an instructor I meshed with and felt confident in was a struggle to the point that I never went back up in a plane in 2018. His level of motivation was unbelievable and inspirational. I would recommend the program to anyone. Christina Mckoane There is no doubt in my mind that AFIT is an amazing flight school that helps it’s students through a demanding process. Mike is the most fantastic instructor, knowing just how much to push you to make you learn but then backing off at the right time to make you realise that you have actually learnt it! I’m Super happy with the training course, John is an excellent instructor. I have to say it wasn’t easy but I worked hard and I did it. An aviation professional for over 18 years, Mature and friendly, FAA Airline Transport Pilot with EMB-145 type rating. Thanks for the opportunity to work with Greg. “John was the instructor I needed.” He has thousands of hours of dual given and 40+ years of experience in aviation. Thank you for help and support. Ruben was an excellent instructor. I really appreciate your professionalism and patience, working with me to fit the training into my schedule. Thanks Rhonda! His positive attitude and approach combined with his impressive logbook really do make him a highly sought after instructor. Oleg is a great instructor and a truly amazing pilot. A Private Pilot’s License requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, as well as extra time for study on the ground in preparation for the FAA written test. Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to you and the AFIT program. However, my CFI, Andy. Like so many other testimonials the check ride seemed pretty simple in comparison to Eric’s training level. Very pleasant to be around and very knowledgeable. was very helpful, always answered the phone, and spent time answering questions and entertaining curiosities. I came to AFIT with a healthy dose of transatlantic jetlag, a strict time schedule, and Tony made a miracle possible- he immediately matched me with an instructor who could help me achieve my goal. In addition to having mild dyslexia, I had an issue with depth perception. His ability to take technical instructions, break them down and explain them was unbelievably helpful. When it comes to Flight Training there were tons of options, I should know I was attending another school, however either by luck or chance I decided to switch over and attend AFIT. AFIT Makes MY Dream Come True. He could drop the Cherokee on a table cloth sized spot on the runway under any weather condition and demonstrate the PTS maneuvers with a precision that made me despair for a while that I would ever be able to meet the standards he set for me. And that goes beyond flying. Anything she ever taught, I would sign up to learn. He is able to explain, re-explain, and then interpret his explanation until his student comprehends. You have to psychologically come prepared because it is very dense training. Flight … I recommend AFIT to anyone who wants to earn their certificate quickly and the right way. AFIT Graduate & Alumni Thank you to Gil and Tony for all you’ve done for me! My flight instructor Michael K. was very knowledgeable in all areas of aviation. It isn’t easy and you have to work  hard but I am convinced that focused high intensity is the best way to learn. AFIT’s program was the only way that I could schedule the time to earn my certificate. Tony encouraged me to complete my written test before I started the program so I could focus on flying while I was there which was great advice. Apart from the flight training, I learned so much more from Jason, and if it was not for his added effort and persistence I don’t think I would have achieved a solo flight in 6 days and my private pilot certificate in just 14days. I requested to be allowed to finish my Private with AFIT, a one week, one fee, one time, one and done program; but, Riddle responded that it couldn’t possibly be any good, or at least as good as Riddle, and if I did choose that route, I’d lose Embry’s ATP thousand hour exemption! National Flyers Association - (Visits ... filght schools and flight training schools that is constantly updating and serving pilots and flight … I would recommend anyone interested in obtaining a PPL to join the AFIT program. Thank you Tony and Cholena for making a dream of mine a reality. I cleared 8 days for nothing but training and scheduled the check ride for the 9. day. Oleg is a great pilot and a very dedicated instructor, on numerous occasions, he made himself available to work with my schedule. Greg and AFIT did everything in their power to make my dreams come true. John saw my training through to the point where I passed my check ride and got transition into the Cirrus SR-22 I purchased. The safety of our students, our clients, and our staff is our highest priority. You have an excellent and concise 14-day PPL training package, which I was somewhat skeptical initially, but I am now living proof of your success formula with my own PPL ! As a full-time, senior flight instructor, Ruben’s number one goal was helping me become a safe and competent pilot, not building time for himself to move on to some airline. Eric was really patient. It was a pleasure learning under Jason’s guidance and I appreciate all of the care he put into my training. I overall felt in really good hands and was looking forward to each and every day!”, It was a great experience and Andy’s voice and instructions will stay with me for the times to come. He was a very knowledgeable pilot and an exceptional teacher. I’m ecstatic and feel like a confident and safe pilot. John’s approach to ground training always felt more like a conversation with a trusted friend than a formal class, and his extraordinary depth of knowledge in all facets of aviation meant that there was seldom a question to which he didn’t have the answer. In the end he helped me build the confidence I needed to pass the oral exam and the check ride on the first attempt. He will not settle for anything else but perfection. I feel as though through my questioning and his very in depth answers, I got more of an education than what was required of just a private pilot. After years of working toward my private pilot’s license (and having invested thousands of dollars in another ‘finish up’ group who could not deliver what they promised), you both helped me to earn my certificate in November. Great Cost Transparency. I am grateful that I was able to have such a knowledgeable instructor that I rate as second to none. John helped me finish up my fixed wing add-on rating in just five (5) short days. Sam is an excellent instructor, his patience with me and ability to find a training approach which suited my style of learning was exactly what I needed. Ruben is an excellent flight instructor with a real passion for teaching. He was indeed mature and friendly. It is definitely important to remember that this is an intensive program. “Coming into a two-week accelerated PPL program, I was both scared and extremely intimidated. Without question. They also know the best way to teach the material. Greg is knowledgeable and his years of experience as an aviator shines through his teaching in the plane, the ground school, and everything in between! I could not have done it without Tony’s expert coordination and John’s incredible instruction. Training in Southern California had added benefits as well. I still use many of, if not all, of the things he taught me today. and if you can Greg as your Instructor choice you’ll have no problems earning your Private Pilot License! Thanks again…. I am definitely looking forward to instrument rating and commercial certification with John in near future. I wanted to say thank you for an “Excellent” Private Pilot Training course with Eric, a “Fantastic” instructor. Your 10-day finish up was exactly as promised. I also know that this is a step to lifelong learning! Erwin made the most of our time and never for a moment gave up on me. You made it happen despite two scheduling changes and Northern California midwinter weather. Skyline Leasing in Auburn, WA, provides stop-quality flight lessons to those who want to obtain a pilot’s license. He demands your best effort, he has infectious optimism- more than enough to trump a stubborn realist who arrived with an acute fear of crosswind landings. But with AFIT, I did these all in one go! New York, New York / Camarillo, California, Private Pilot Training, Cessna 172 with G1000. I have to say initially I was a little nervous about all the information I needed to grasp along with the procedures and maneuvers for the practical check ride. Sam, you made me do it! The positive impression I gained from our discussions was very comforting, I therefore decided to finish my instrument rating with you. Every day it’s a new undertaking with new destinations and new things to learn. The oral and practical were as expected given your strict adherence to PTS numbers. I have had a fantastic week in Addison TX with Lou and I’d like thank you and AFIT for everything. At HeliStream, students practice their flight skills using flight training Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. I can fly with my flying club uniform, guided by super senior Certified Flight Instrument Instructor, trained in super Cessna 172N with amazing maintenance. I can’t thank Ruben enough for his help, kindness, knowledge, positivity, even going as far as filming a short video of my flight training progress. My gratitude and kudos to Mike and  AFIT. A Private Pilot’s License allows a pilot to fly a single-engine airplane under visual flight rules (VFR), referring to visibility of at least three miles, as well as at night. I also really enjoyed the accelerated training program schedule. Fortunately, the hard work paid off in full and I am now a certified pilot. Many Thanks AFIT. Your approach of calm composure while giving insightful and witty instruction is a voice inside my head that I hope to never lose. I appreciate that I have been connected with him and am grateful for the above-and-beyond instruction I received from him. One can really feel his 22,000 + hours during flight training. I like your program and I will tell others about it. He applied several different teach techniques until he found the one that resonated with me and it all clicked. Thanks!! 14-Day Private Pilot Training Course KLHM. Please feel free to use me as a reference to any potential client. I wanted to thank Todd and AFIT for a great flying experience and for helping me to complete my training. After dozens of shortened classes at Riddle, I found myself literally further behind than when I’d started there! My experience with John was great. Hundreds of hours of training and thousands of pounds are required for a pilot to become employable, and even then jobs can be hard to come by. Whereas, after spending 2 weeks with Cholena – I feel that I have received a very thorough and considered training. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together off the runway as much as I did on the runway. The landscape is a beauty. We started working immediately. This came in very valuable on one of my first flights after completing my training, when I landed on a runway with solid black ice, unexpectedly. Andy was awesome.We were both flexible with our starting/ending times and I really appreciated that. Highly recommended! No question was too difficult. He is immensely knowledgeable in all areas of flight and is an excellent instructor. Thank-you for the note of congratulations. Cholena is clearly someone who would excel at absolutely anything she ever decided to do. It was awesome. I was intrigued and gave Tony a call, and he got me set up with my AFIT instructor, Ruben, at Lincoln Airport outside Sacramento. In fact, I ended up flying over 40 hrs by the end of everything. His calm demeanor and patience allowed me to learn in a stress free environment. It has been 24 hours since I passed my check ride and I still can’t’ believe it. John is a “Grade A” instructor. I was unconvinced how I could learn to fly and be a competent private pilot in 14 days. I also want to stress one thing – he ALWAYS goes the extra mile and takes the next step, even in things not directly involved with the airplane or the training. My flight training with Todd was wonderful! I found John to be consistently thoughtful about how I could most efficiently make progress towards the goal, an excellent coach in the cockpit, and a font of real world piloting experience. Mike really went the extra mile for me—two miles, actually! I also found that he consistently challenged me to do good, & pushed me to get better in the plane. The learning environment was very comfortable and I never felt talked down to, in fact questions and learning, why, instead of memorizing facts were encouraged. I’m looking forward to aviation being a part of my life and will definitely be back with AFIT when I’m ready to pursue my instrument rating.

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