They are a small hardy breed that are easy to handle and their attractive markings often catch the eye of passers by. Brief characteristics of Welsh Mountain Sheep The fleece of the Black Welsh Mountain sheep ranges in shades from dark to reddish black. characteristics of Cambrian Mountains Lamb, the quality and flavour of the lamb is also unique because they are produced by ewes that area minimum of 80% Welsh Mountain, or from other Welsh native hill breeds. Replies: 5 Black Welsh. Black Welsh Mountain. They are the only completely black breed of sheep in the world. Black Welsh Mountain sheep. The fleece is white and males can be horned. Started by Will.i.lamb. Started by Simple Simon. Typically, you can expect to pay anything from {MALES} for a Welsh Mule ram, {FEMALES} for a ewe, and {YOUNG} for a lamb. Rams have attractive horns that curl around the ears, while ewes are polled. I am looking for a nice medium fleece with decent crimp that will shed snow and rain and be good for handspinning. Replies: 10 Views: 3013 November 02, 2013, 10:16:35 am by Foobar: Black Welsh Mountain Tup required - anything else considered though! Balwen Welsh Mountain : The Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep is a sheep for all seasons. One of the original Welsh breeds of sheep the Balwen remains as one of the most striking and versatile of all the rare breed sheep. These sheep are usually black, brown or dark grey in appearance with a white stripe from the top of the head to the nose, a white tail and four white socks. Key Characteristics Of the many types of sheep referred to as a type of Welsh mountain, sheep specifically carrying the Welsh Mountain name are of moderate length and height with a broad forehead and muzzle. The meat of the Welsh Mountain sheep is abundantly regarded, and cadavers have regularly won prizes at shows like the Royal Smithfield in London. This is the only purely black breed of sheep to be found in the UK. Related to the Welsh Mountain, the Black Welsh Mountain is the product of approximately 100 years of selective breeding. … Black Welsh Mountain sheep are small black sheep. As the name suggests, the cattle are naturally black. As only 2 rams survived quarantine, the US flock is genetically descended from these 2 sire lines with only an additional importation of frozen sheep semen in the late 1990s to add some genetic diversity to the US herds. They produce a lovely black wool known as "cuchddu" due to the reddish colouring that can be present on the ends of the fiber. Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are also a heritage breed. A run of the mill wool of Black Welsh Mountain sheep has dark assortment weighs around 3 to 4 lb (1.4 to 1.8 kg) with a staple length of 2 to 4 in (5 to 10 cm). Appearance: Balwen is the Welsh word for ‘white blaze’. A good Black Welsh should look like a brick with a sturdy thick body, well sprung ribs and plenty of depth for the rumen. These sheep offer a dense, durable black fleece as well as a fine, mild mutton for meat purposes. Characteristics Apart from being wholly black, the Black Welsh Mountain is like other Welsh Mountain sheep – small and hardy with no wool on the face or legs; … It is a variety of the Black Welsh Mountain breed but has specific markings. Like other Welsh Mountain sheep it is found mainly on the hills in Wales, but is also kept elsewhere. They generally have white horns with black tips, but these may be removed, and there are also naturally hornless strains. Welsh Mule Sheep Prices. This is a primitive breed that still sheds its wool (like Shetlands and Icelandics). Balwen Welsh Mountain. The wool is … The breed is classified as mountain and hill and is found throughout the whole of the UK but originated in the Welsh mountains and uplands. The resulting breed, called Black Welsh Mountain, was recognized in 1922 with the establishment of the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Society. The Black Welsh Mountain is a small, black sheep with no wool on the face or on the legs below the knee and hock. A small sheep, the breed is long lived and has no wool on its face or legs. More BLACK WELSH info: each fleece is uniquely different. Its fleece is fine enough to be used in speciality products and is long enough to be combed. 9 ewes formed the foundation population.


Apart from being wholly black, the Black Welsh Mountain is like other Welsh Mountain sheep - small and hardy with no … We believe all beings here should … Cambrian Mountains Lamb takes around 16+ weeks before it is ready for the market, making it a slower maturing lamb Introduced into the U.S. in 1972, they are a small breed standing only 20″ to 24″ tall. The price of Welsh Mule sheep is determined by a number of factors including the age, health, DNA, and breed characteristics of the animal. It should have a black or dark brown fleece with a white blaze down its face, four white socks and half a white tail. This warmth retaining article of clothing is made of rugged Black Welsh Mountain Sheep wool (in Welsh: Defaid Mynydd Duon), a short, robust and undemanding breed of sheep from the barren Welsh hill country. The face and legs are white or slightly tanned, with a black or speckled nose. Black Welsh Mountain sheep are small to medium in size. The breed was recognized in 1922 with the establishment of the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Society. The rams are typically horned and the females are polled (hornless). Originally bred in the United Kingdom, they are small, hardy, easy to handle, and are known for having well-flavored mutton. The most visible features of today’s domestic sheep were already showing up in Babylonian and Mesopotamian and art and books by 3000 B.C. The Balwen is a sheep from one small area round the upper reaches of the River Tywi in Wales. Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are considered a dual purpose sheep, known for their premium meat but also as the only all black breed of sheep in the world, they are appreciated for their pelts and wool in fiber arts applications as well. Goats are also noted for heritage breeds that offer the homesteader a great selection to meet the needs of their homestead. Another thing that indicates early domestication of sheep is the fact that they remain the only species of livestock that are unable to return to a wild or feral state. Ram or "sire" breeds excel in growth and carcass (meat) characteristics whereas ewe or "dam" (maternal) breeds excel in fitness (e.g. Cherry Cross Farm is a small, family owned and operated farm that started up in 2012. The Black Welsh Mountain sheep (Welsh: Defaid Mynydd Duon, pronounced [ˈdevaɪd ˈmənɪð ˈdɪɔn]) is a colour type of the Welsh Mountain sheep, bred for sheep farming in Wales.It occurs occasionally in flocks of other colours, but is now often maintained as a separate strain. Red individuals occur occasionally – red and other colours were more common in the past. Started by Fishyhaddock. Average fleece weights range from 2.2 – 5.5 pounds Rams of this breed are horned and posses a lovely black curling horn set. We strive to sell quality kids and lambs with diverse characteristics and a warm personality. The Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep originate from a small area of Wales, the Tywi Valley. The type of knitting employed brings out the variety of color especially well. The Balwen continues to be on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's watch list. They are a small to medium sized breed that are found mainly on the hilltops of the Welsh countryside. They should not be too tall but should be very muscular. Use Sheep breeds are often categorized as to whether they are more suitable as a ram or ewe in the breeding program. They are excellent for meat and wool production. They are easy to handle, hardy and great for getting a field neatly cleared up of pesky weeds and various bush. They are a hardy, self-reliant breed with a long, wool-covered tail and blue skin. Replies: 16 Views: 7907 August 20, 2012, 08:01:31 am by Fronhaul: Welsh Black Mountain Sheep. The sheep has a base color of black, dark brown or dark grey. The Black Welsh Mountain Sheep breed was developed in the mountains of Wales about a century ago from black sheep that occurred in the Welsh Mountain breed which is white. Characteristics. Most fleeces will have the short new growth of wool (called "rise") growing up thru last years growth. Our main focus is raising pure bred myotonic (fainting) and Nigerian Dwarf goats and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. Black Welsh Mountain sheep are small to medium in size. Oral histories suggest that there was a speckled face type found in the Kerry hills area, whilst in the Clun area the local sheep were polled and had dark tan faces and legs, and further east on the heath-lands of Shropshire were found two dark faced types that were horned, known as Longmynd and Cannock Chase.

black welsh mountain sheep characteristics

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