Family: Liliaceae. Aspidistra Elatior thrives in a temperature of 60-80°F (15.5-27°C). They also prefer being root-bound. Also, you guessed right, it is safe for your pets. About: A showy flowering species of palm native to Madagascar. Aspidistra elatior var. Cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) Catbrier (Smilax rotundifolia) Cat ear (Calochortus spp.) Aspidistra elatior plant can be maintained in low to bright light situations. Aspidistra elatior, commonly called cast iron plant for its ability to survive significant cultural abuse, is native to China and Japan.It is an easily-maintained, stemless, evergreen foliage plant that typically grows to 3’ tall. The most common variety is the one with all green leaves, A. elatior (sometimes labeled as A. lurida ), although there is a rare variegated variety called A. elatior variegata which you may be able to source. Bromeliads will provide an exotic touch to the interior of your home with their showy red and yellow flowers over contrasting green foliage. It also produces small white flowers with maroon centers in the late spring and summer. attenuata [BSWJ377] aka Aspidistra attenuata [BSWJ377], Attenuate Cast Iron Plant Pertany a la família de les liliáceas . With trumpet-shaped flowers of brilliant hues like crimson, violet, and white over its velvety foliage, gloxinia is a must-have indoor plant. Sturdy, safe, and sprouting off dozens of shoots that are easy to clip and cultivate, … It’s safe for your pets if they accidentally bite it. Though a member of the lily family this plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. 0 rating rating ratings . With stripes of green and cream colors, over its waxy foliage, it resembles the ones on a zebra, hence the name. About: A stunning, low maintenance succulent with more than 70 species, HaworthiaÂ. It was a popular houseplant in Victorian times as it could withstand fumes from coal fires and gas lamps and can cope with gloomy conditions. Toxicity: Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats, Non-Toxic to Horses. It attains a height of 6-12 inches, and if you have a pet at your home, you can safely keep it. orse’s tail, donkey’s tail, lamb’s tail, stonecrop, Common House (Indoor) Plants Toxic To Cats. by Burdette Grant. Noteworthy Characteristics. Scientific Name: Aspidistra elatior. This plant responds well to low-light and low watering conditions. Small purple flowers that can appear at the plants base are a hidden gem. Downward arching, green fronds of parlor palm, makes it perfect for offices and homes. If you have pets, then don’t worry; it is a non-toxic plant. It originates from Taiwan and Japan. The 'Milky Way' Aspidistra were on the prop tables and their pots had melted with globs of melted metal & glass on the soil. As an indoor or house plant or as an outdoor plant, in shaded and tough conditions the Cast-Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) really lives up to its name.Readily available for sale online the Cast Iron Plant thrives on low light, poor soil, lack of water, cold, hot these plants can grow just about anywhere, but do best out of the full sun.The old fashioned Aspidistra, with its large lance shaped leaves is an easy care plant for indoors. The plant grows up to three feet tall and three feet wide. A member of the succulent group of plants, this little plant, reminiscent of cacti, originates from South Africa and is safe for cats and dogs. this information is incredibly harmful, please remove this plant from your list! The Aspidistra elatior is native to Taiwan and Islands in southern Japan.It has broad, green leaves that narrow to a point at the tip. It grows up to a height of 5 meters. Aspidistra elatior és una planta utilitzada únicament per a decoració d'interiors, oriünda de Xina i Extrem Orient. Symptoms…, Orchids (Orchidaceae) are a wide and diverse family of plants popular for their beautiful and…, Julia Wilson is a cat expert with over 20 years of experience writing about a wide range of cat topics, with a special interest in cat health, welfare and preventative care. Full author bio Contact Julia, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}), About    Privacy policy    Disclaimer    Contact    Sitemap Copyright © - All Rights Reserved, Dypsis lutescens, chrysalidocarpus lutescens). Give your interior a gorgeous touch of these houseplants & stay assured for your pets! Cat grass (Dactylitis glomerata, Avena sativa, Hordeum vulgare, Thinopyrum ponticum) Cat oat (Avena sativa) Cathedral windows (Calathea makoyana) Catnip (Nepeta cataria) Cattleya labiata (Cattleya labiata) Chicken gizzard (Iresine spp.) Lucky bamboo is INCREDIBLY TOXIC TO CATS!! With eye-catching glossy foliage accompanied by dark-green blotches along the veins, it resembles peacock’s feathers, hence the name. Whereas A. elatior variegata makes itself heard with its creamy white leaves, sometimes tinged with yellow or lime green. Bar-room Plant, Iron Plant, Variegated Cast Iron Plant; Native to Japan and Taiwan; Note: many plants from this family ARE toxic to cats; 6. Calathea plant can brighten up any atmosphere with its bicolor-green foliage and silver brushmarks. This evergreen foliage plant that can grow up to three feet tall regularly appears on lists of hard-to-kill houseplants, and is perfect for homes, offices, and even dimly-lit bars. Is Oxalis (Shamrock Plant) Toxic to Cats? Philip: I've got a national collection of Aspidistra elatior and also Aspidistra sichuanensis, but I've got a huge collection anyway because I've got a loads of other ones that aren't within my national collection. Give your interior a gorgeous touch of these houseplants & stay assured for your pets! Chinese evergreen is toxic to cats. 5. It doesn’t do well in temperatures under 60°F so if you have placed it near a drafty window or doorway during the cooler months you may wish to locate it in a warmer location such as a … Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra elatior Lot of 5 Plants/Rhizomes (roots) Common Names: iron plant, barroom plant, cast-iron plant, cast iron plant Family: Liliaceae (lily Family) Tough-as-nails cast-iron plant is an excellent low-maintenance ground cover in dry shady places where they are able to compete even with tree roots and still look beautiful. So, you must consider growing this non-toxic, low light plant at your home. We have prepared a list of non-toxic, 18 Low Light Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs, approved by ASPCA. Arching, lanceolate, glossy dark green leaves (to 24” long and 4” wide) rise up directly from its fleshy rootstock on long stems. With fleshy blue-greenish leaves, this succulent looks adorable, especially when its stems peeks out from the corners of a container. It's the Aspidistra (Aspidistra elatior) and most people will know it because in the Victorian era, they would plonk one of these plants in a brass bowl or … Like the prayer plant, it also closes its leaves at night and opens at dawn. Its fleshy stems store water and do not demand frequent watering. Outdoors, the palm can grow as tall as 6 – 12 metres, indoor palms are usually 4-5 feet tall. Care:  Howea likes moist soil, but not saturated and bright but not direct sunlight. It grows up to 10-12 inches and has a horizontal growth habit. Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra elatior, Family Liliaceae. About: Aspidistra is a shade loving plant native to Japan. Aspidistra elatior. According to the ASPCA, this plant is considered non-toxic to dogs and cats. a.k.a. Blunt leaf peperomia does not require much attention, and that’s the reason many houseplant enthusiasts prefer it. It grows up to 3 feet in height and is completely safe for your pets. Poisionous for pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs. Aspidistra elatior (botanical/scientific). View our full range of indoor plants, house plants, plant accessories and care guides. Excellent for those difficult-to-fill areas in deep shade, spreading gently by underground stems. We have prepared a list of non-toxic, 18. . Additional Common Names: Bar Room Plant, Iron Plant, Variegated Cast Iron Plant. Cast Iron Plant. About: A slow-growing, showy and easy to care for plant, native to Lord Howe Island, off eastern Australia.  In the wild, the Kentia palm can grow up to 10 metres tall. Check out our article on plants that dogs love to eat, Plants That Can Grow with Minimum Sunlight, The Ultimate Guide to Grow Marjoram in Pots, 10 Most Googled Houseplants of the Year So Far, 18 Most Attractive Houseplants for Decorative Purpose, 18 Indoor Plants Dining Room Décor Ideas, 11 Easiest Indoor Blooming Houseplants to Grow, 10 Indoor Plants that Absorb CO2 at Night, 24 Great DIY Wine Cork Ideas For The Garden & Home. These hardy flowers make great indoor pot plants, or grown outdoors and bring the pot inside when in flower. Aspidistra elatior is also known as the cast iron plant – an apt description as it really does have a cast-iron constitution. Most of the "fried" plants actually came back and have done well. She enjoys photography, gardening and running in her spare time. Download or print pdf(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}), Is Chinese evergreen toxic to cats? When did you get your erroneous information about lucky bamboo? Please remove this. The toxic principle…, Succulents Non-Toxic to Cats at a Glance Sedum - Burro's Tail, Horse's Tail, Lamb's Tail,…, Levels of toxicity can range from mild gastrointestinal disturbances to severe and life-threatening toxicity. Rarely exceeding the height of 12-inches, it is a beautiful, pet-friendly indoor plant! This plant is as tough as its name! Reaching up to the height of 2-feet, the cast … Whether green or variegated, all Aspidistra's have … Offering the appearance of a palm tree, the ponytail plant is an ornamental houseplant, which is highly drought-tolerant. Being low-maintenance and strong enough to tolerate neglect, it’s an excellent choice for an indoor plant. Also, this plant is completely safe for your pets. The beautiful Boston ferns are famous for their stunning looking foliage. Learn about these 24 amazing wine corks ideas and crafts for your garden and... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, 18 Low Light Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs, Are you a houseplant enthusiast looking forward to having safe plants for pets? Max Growth (approx): Height 36 in (91 cm). Grow in bright, but not direct sunlight. You must plant them indoors if you are looking for a non-toxic, beautiful looking plant. Rating Content; Positive: On Dec 1, 2009, DILLY from Jesup, GA (Zone 8b) wrote: That is a great picture! Easter Cactus, Holiday Cactus; Native to Brazil; Blooms in December; 7. It is NOT cat safe. This hardy, succulent plant, with pearl-like tubercles over its fleshy, blue-green leaves, looks stunning in any home. An easy care houseplant for low-light situations. Usually grown in pots or hanging baskets, the wax plant is a very common houseplant with waxy foliage. Care: The golden cane likes well-drained soil and a light position out of direct sunlight. Also Read: Plants That Can Grow with Minimum Sunlight. You have entered an incorrect email address! It has small and has striped leaves, occasionally flowers but rarely when kept indoors. It is a slow grower, surviving in extreme conditions; as a result, making it a popular house plant for busy people. Botanical Name: Aspidistra elatior. Then you have the Aspidistra's with stripes such as A. elatior Okame that have bold white markings. És una planta perenne, molt resistent i de port mig. Cast Iron Plant. Growing up to the height of 18-inches, and moreover, this plant is not harmful to pets. Reaching up to the height of 2-feet, the cast iron plant acquires lush green foliage, giving it a stunning look. In saying that, some cats will vomit after eating a lot of plant material though just … Fittonia is a low-growing creeper with red veins on its leaves. A unique and easy to care for plant native to eastern Mexico. Pearl plant, like other plants on this list, is safe for cats and dogs. Cast iron plants are safe for cats, dogs, and children because they are non-toxic and its leaves have a … Spider Plant. You can propagate a new plant from each leaf. The Aspidistra elatior plant (aka cast iron plant, bar room plant, iron plant) isn't toxic to cats. A nearly fuss-free, lush, leafy evergreen that will tolerate a range of growing conditions including heat, aridity and dry shade. Belonging to the polypod family, staghorn fern has uniquely-shaped fronds. Very first suggestion, lucky bamboo, is NOT safe for cats. Cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is an herbaceous perennial that has earned its reputation as a nearly indestructible houseplant, though it's also hardy outside in USDA growing zones 6 to 11.It has arching deep-green glossy leaves and is so undemanding that it survives neglect that would easily kill lesser plants. It also has an air-purifying ability, helping to remove formaldehyde and xylene from indoors. The plant is native to India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It grows up to 10-12 inches tall and is a pet-friendly houseplant. Scientific name: Aspidistra elatior; Other names: Cast iron plant, barroom plant, iron plant, haran plant, baran plant; Care: Prefers areas of low light, likes moist but well-drained soil. Long-lasting and fragrant flowers of moth orchid will elevate your mood with its outstanding aroma. Keep soil moist, but not soaking. Medical Causes of Inappropriate Urination in Cats. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aspidistra grows in the dark undergrowth of the forest from Asia, that's why this plant grows so well in low light conditions and it's for being one of the best office plants. Despite its name, it is not a true palm. Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central America, South America, Polynesia and Africa. Aspidistra elatior Blume was in earlier times a widely grown houseplant. Cast iron plant (common). Avoid hot direct sun through a window as this can burn or scald the leaves of this otherwise nearly indestructible plant. Get the perfect plants for your home. Likes temperatures from 8 to 26 c and enjoys bright indirect sunlight. ________________________________________________________________________. I need advice on potting mix, fertilizer (I'd think not) and watering, that you could have such happy looking variegated aspidistra without it "going to green" from too much TLC. The beautiful dark green leaves add a tropical element to the home and this plant is also suitable for outdoor planting in warmer climates. Their dangling fronds also makes them great for window boxes or hanging baskets. Aspidistra elatior or the Cast Iron Plant is native to China and Japan, and belongs to the lily family. Care: As with most succulents, the zebra cactus likes well-drained soil. Aspidistra plant has tough, glossy dark green leaves that stand up well in high traffic areas. ASPIDISTRA, a small genus of the lily order (Liliaceae), native of the Himalayas, China and Japan. YOU COULD KILL SOMEONE’S PET! Popular … Lush green leaves provide a showy and easy to care for indoor plant. It is typically a foot tall and pet-friendly. Julia lives in Sydney with her family, four cats and two dogs. Do not allow the soil to dry out between watering. This plant colours-up better in drier and poorer soil than organic-rich & wet soil. Its flat leaves overlap over each other to offer stability to its ferns. It has bright green leaves with silver linings all across its foliage. Do include this hardy beauty to your home, safe for cats and dogs, both. Prayer plant has glossy, dark-green foliage, with red veins on its leaf. Are you a houseplant enthusiast looking forward to having safe plants for pets? Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera bridgesii, Family Cactaceae. Aspidistra elatior or cast iron plant (or bar-room plant) is a species of plants from the Asparagaceae family that has more than 100 species. Common name: Golden cane palm, areca palm, yellow palm, golden butterfly palm, golden feather palm butterfly palm. This is a must-have houseplant for pet lovers. a.k.a. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. REMOVE THIS PLANT FROM YOUR LIST IMMEDIATELY! This plant is ideal for both gardening and pet enthusiasts, as it is unharmful to pets. Sku #0345. You may not believe but wine corks can be useful. The spider plant is an easy to grow, adaptable plant. n easy to grow perennial evergreen with  200 – 300 species popular for its fragrant, star-shaped flowers. This tall houseplant has excellent air-purifying capabilities, too, and is safe for cats and dogs!

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