St Paul anxiously promoted friendly intercourse and sympathy between the scattered Ecclesiae; but the unity of the universal Ecclesia as he contemplated it does not belong to this region: it is a bulk of theology and religion, not a fact of what we call ecclesiastical politics.". He was merely a friendly neighbor practicing southern hospitality. Frequent cultural exchange will certainly help foster, 29. No, not without the help of his friendly government agent. But though this defensive zeal led to active persecution, still in theory Judaism was a tolerated religion wherever the Church had sway, and many papal bulls of a friendly character were issued throughout the middle ages (Scherer, p. 32 seq.). During the investitures dispute Giffard was on friendly terms with Anselm, and drew upon himself a sentence of banishment through declining to accept consecration from the archbishop of York (1103). de Zoologie, 1860, pp. Some of the more friendly goats had followed her up the hill and they were ranging out ahead. When therefore, on the 8th of October, Guizot, in an interview with Palmerston, presented what was practically an ultimatum on the part of France, "it was determined that this intimation should be met in a friendly spirit, and that Lord Palmerston should see the Ministers of the other powers and agree with them to acquaint the French that they with England would use their good offices to induce the Porte not to insist on the deprivation of Mehemet Ali so far as Egypt is concerned.". It was desirable that the new sovereign should be able to count upon the friendly support of the great powers, and yet not be actually a member of their reigning dynasties. Every player uses four lignum vitae bowls in single-handed games and (as a rule) in friendly games, but only two in matches. It would not only be efficient but would also be environmentally friendly. His reign was marked by friendly relations with the Ottoman sultan Mahommed II., whose capture of Constantinople (1453) was the cause of great rejoicings in Egypt, but also by violent excesses on the part of the Mamelukes, who dictated the sultans policy. He went to Bologna, and studied under the friendly tutelage of Guido; thence he proceeded to Rome, where he painted, in the Cistercian monastery, the "Miracle of the Loaves.". friendly towards the powerful count palatine, though there was. The gathering of candidates in Washington retied the bonds. However doubtful such conjectures concerning his intentions may be, it is certain that immediately after his coronation Charles sought to establish friendly relations with Constantinople, and even suggested a marriage between himself and Irene, as he had again become a widower in 800. He had no sympathy with the Old Lutherans and their strict orthodoxy - on the contrary he was friendly with the Reformed congregations, and with George Whitefield and the Tennents. In the same year Massachusetts encouraged friendly Puritans to settle Hampton on the same purchase, and about a year later this colony organized Hampton as a town with the right to send a deputy to the General Court. They had attacked the Portuguese in Ceylon (1601), established friendly relations with Achin (1602), and defeated a powerful fleet off Banda (1602). The first white settlement in the Mosquito country was made in 1630, when the agents of an English chartered company - of which the earl of Warwick was chairman and John Pym treasurer - occupied two small cays, and established friendly relations with the Indians. The emigrants were treated with great kindness by Moroko, the chief of that tribe, and with the Barolong the Boers maintained uniformly friendly relations. " There was nothing remotely friendly or soft about Charles. Kid-Friendly Metaphors. As soon as Ismail had assumed the sovereignty at Balkh, Mahmud, who was at Nishapur, addressed him in friendly terms, proposing a division of the territories held by their father at his death. I feel terrible! But notwithstanding this, Boris embraced him in a quiet, friendly way and kissed him three times. Biggar and with a following of 700 friendly Zulus crossed the Tugela near its mouth. The friendly list of example sentences with friendly. Gilbert seems to have submitted quietly to this judgment; he yielded assent to the four propositions, and remained on friendly terms with his antagonists till his death on the 4th of September 1154. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives, Example Sentences Adjectives are used to define the noun. 27-31 1918, could only be regarded as an attempt on the part of the impotent Monarch to bring about a friendly liquidation between the peoples who were separating from each other. above the railway station, and was founded by the Carthaginian Himilco in 397 B.C. Here Venantius Fortunatus, the Italian poet, found a friendly reception, and two of the poems printed under his name are usually attributed to Radegunda. And then, " writes Dr Theal, " was seen forced the strange spectacle of an English commissioner addressing men who wished to be free of British control as the friendly and well-disposed inhabitants, while for those who desired to remain British subjects and who claimed that protection to which they believed themselves entitled he had no sympathizing word.". A still broader foreign question grew out of Mexican affairs, when events culminating in the setting up of Maximilian of Austria as emperor under protection of French troops demanded the constant watchfulness of the United States. Please be as environmentally friendly as possible when you are camping. Introductions. Besides the distinctions of human and nonhuman, hostile and friendly, the demons in which the lower races believe are classified by them according to function, each class with a distinctive name, with extraordinary minuteness, the list in the case of the Malays running to several score. It offers a diverse selection of wines all reasonably priced; even the vintages are friendly on the budget. The lines of argument followed respectively by friendly and hostile contemporaries immediately after his death (Tac. No sooner was he gone than the Indians rose and slew the Greek governor; the Macedonians massacred the Indians; a new governor, sent by Alexander, murdered the friendly Punjab prince, Porus, and was himself driven out of the country by the advance of Chandragupta from the Gangetic valley. Instead they used every endeavour to establish friendly relations with the rulers of all the neighbouring kingdoms, and before d'Alboquerque returned to India he despatched embassies to China, Siam, and several kingdoms of Sumatra, and sent a small fleet, with orders to assume a highly conciliatory attitude toward all natives, in search of the Moluccas. Removed by friendly hands, for the relief of his sufferings, to the priory of St Marcel, near Chalon-sur-Saone, he died on the 21st of April 1142. were formerly friendly to Jeremiah, now took up an attitude of decided hostility to him. I’m feeling healthier now. Mr. Keith comes every afternoon at four o'clock, and gives me a "friendly lift" over the rough stretches of road, over which every student must go. use "friendly" in a sentence It is said that the people of Eritrea are very friendly and will approach foreigners on the street to ask them how they like the country. At the same time he was no longer on the former friendly terms with Essex, a certain estrangement 1 Spedding, Letters and Life, i. Essex does not seem to have been at all hurt by his action in this matter, and shortly after his release they were again on friendly terms, Bacon drawing up letters as if to or from the earl with the design of having them brought before the queen. Much joy to you in the up coming year. Close to several area parks, the motel features free breakfast and parking, laundry facilities and is pet friendly. Californians had been very friendly to Americans, but Larkin's intimates thought they had been tricked, and the people resented the stealthy and unprovoked breaking of peace, and unfortunately the Americans did not known how to treat them except inconsiderately and somewhat contemptuously. It is a family friendly restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a special children's menu. He cultivated friendly relations with the tyrants of Miletus and Mytilene, and maintained a connexion with the kings of Lydia, of Egypt and, possibly, of Phrygia. Here, in confidence begotten of friendly chats over afternoon tea, the disillusioned autocrat confessed his mistake. Our natural gas extraction process is environmentally friendly . The English andFrench were, however, not very friendly; and in 1629, after the retirement of several of the former to an adjoining island, the remaining colonists were surprised and partly dispersed by the arrival of a Spanish fleet of thirty-nine sail. Friends' Witness, The Friendly Messenger, The Friends' Fellowship Papers, The Friends' Quarterly Examiner, Journal of the Friends' Historical Society. 25 examples: Examples of such eco-friendly ventures include ecotourism, biodiversity… Petersburg, in order to create a basis for a permanent friendly relation between Austria-Hungary and Russia. Differences falling under the second general head are, for the most part, unsuitable, and may only be adjusted (if at all) through the mediation of a friendly power. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " They have a great friendship. Friendly relations were entered into with the emperor Manuel, and attempts made to come to a better understanding with Henry II., king of England, and Louis VII., king of France. Just because people are friendly doesn't mean you can let your guard down. In 1782 he removed to Kettering in Northamptonshire, where he became friendly with some of the most eminent ministers of the denomination. Torgud was now summoned to Constantinople to answer for piracies committed on the friendly galleys of Venice; but he sailed instead to Morocco, and there for two years defied the sultan's authority. She leads a very interesting life. Some people don't know the difference between being friendly and indicating personal interest. The hostility of Arran and his brother Archbishop Hamilton forced Mary into friendly relations with the lords who favoured the Protestant party. Almeida sought to subordinate all else to sea power and commerce, to concentrate the whole naval and military force of the kingdom on the maintenance of maritime ascendancy; to annex no territory, to avoid risking troops ashore, and to leave the defence of such factories as might be necessary to friendly native powers, which would receive in return the support of the Portuguese fleet. Indeed on this, as on later occasions, its relations with Persia seem to have been friendly. Friendly definition, characteristic of or befitting a friend; showing friendship: a friendly greeting. But the chancellor, although preserving friendly relations with his old patron, subordinated the interests of the Church to those of his new master. This decision at first gave offence to the Bolivians, but friendly overtures from Peru led to its acceptance by both parties with the understanding that modifications would be made in locating the line wherever actual settlements had been made by either party on territory awarded to the other. Exclamatory … Miss Keller began to get the better of her old friendly taskmaster, the phrase. His relations with the grand-dukes of Muscovy were friendly on the whole, and twice he married orthodox Russian princesses; but this did not prevent him from besieging Moscow in 1368 and again in 1372, both times unsuccessfully. But Mary's heart was in the expedition and in the overthrow of Huntly; she was in the hands of her brother, to whom she had secretly given the earldom of Murray, coveted by Huntly, whose good faith she had never believed in, and whose power was apt to trouble the state and disturb her friendly relations with England. We're just going to have a friendly chit-chat," Winston answered. (1334), who was friendly to Frederick, promised a respite; but after fruitless negotiations the war broke out once more, and Chiaramonte went over to Robert, owing to a private feud. The word Manes signified the friendly ancestral ghosts of a Roman household. Making something yourself is also more eco-friendly. His power lay in the interpretation of literature rather than in linguistic study, and his influence over his pupils was exercised by his own fireside as well as in the relation, always friendly and familiar, which he held to them in the classroom. And I will knock the nonsense out of anybody"-- but probably realizing that he was shouting at Bezukhov who so far was not guilty of anything, he added, taking Pierre's hand in a friendly manner, "We are on the eve of a public disaster and I haven't time to be polite to everybody who has business with me. Protectorates also exist in the Western Pacific group of islands (including the Friendly Islands, the Ellice and Gilbert group, and the British Solomon Islands). Dina's upstairs loft is a cozy gallery-style cafe that offers a lighter menu and a friendly ambiance. The personal character of Michaelis can be read between the lines 1 By a strange fortune of war it was the occupation of Gottingen by the French in the Seven Years' War, and the friendly relations he formed with the officers, that procured him the Paris MS. from which he edited Abulfeda's description of Egypt. His dress, the simplicity of his external appearance, the friendly meekness of the old man, and the apparent humility of the Quaker, procured for Freedom a mass of votaries among the court circles who used to be alarmed at its coarseness and unsophisticated truths. 2. He patted her leg with another of his friendly smiles and turned his attention to the world racing by them. The family-friendly list of example sentences with family-friendly. Sentence examples for. Aided by a public stipendium, he spent a year or more studying in the Jardin des Plantes, under the friendly eye of Cuvier, and in making zoological discoveries at Cagliari and other places on the Mediterranean. (closest, nearest) " That painting is a rough equivalent to the original. But through the friendly mediation of the Florentines and the French king he was recalled from banishment on 29th March 1503. He was on friendly terms with many who were not Jews, and was so warmly devoted to his slave Tabi that when the latter died he mourned for him as for a beloved member of his own family. Living on friendly terms with the king, Harald kept this agreement until Sigurd's death in 1130. These successes roused natural alarm in the minds of the Belgae - a confederacy of tribes in the north-west of Gaul, whose civilization was less advanced than that of the Celtae of the centre - and in the spring of 57 B.C. TONGA, Or Friendly Islands (So called by Captain Cook), an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, about 350 m. and seized this opportunity of lavishing on the pontiff friendly congratulations mingled with useful advice. That all points of mutual difference shall be regulated by the friendly course of arbitration, or by what- The ever amicable way may be agreed upon by the government with Her Majesty's Government. friendly relations are maintained with Spain, as the Spanish plantations in Fernando Po are to a great extent worked by Liberian labour. and friendly to the papacy; their Latin style is excellent.
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