Loading weather data. Bluetooth temperature recording with PDF reports READ MORE Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring -90°C temperature data logger for all your Covid dry ice drug shipments. In Bergenfield, temperatures reached 22 degrees, lower than the 1996 record of 24 degrees, he said. READ MORE USB … Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. World Sea Temperatures. Planning on staying in to beat the heat? According to the provisional report, which is based on temperature data from January to October, 2011-2020 will be the warmest decade on record, with the warmest six … The following table lists the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the 5 inhabited U.S. territories during the past two centuries, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Due to late-arriving data, the number of recent records is likely underrepresented in all categories, but the ratio of records (warm to cold, for example) should be a fairly strong estimate of a final outcome. Temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity data, including normal and record values. Get the current and average sea temperatures from over 7,000 locations and 200 countries around the world The graphs presented in the NJ Climate Report Card have been updated to reflect the years since the original report was completed in 2005. Daily Freezer/ Refrigerator Temperature Log. July’s high temperatures … * The temperature, snow fall, and precipitation information on this page were calculated from the historical data of 18,000+ U.S weather stations for the period of time from 1980 to 2010. But, do you know the records for where you live? DAILY CLIMATE REPORT - issued daily: Detailed daily weather statistics (usually for yesterday), including temperature, precipitation, degree days, wind, humidity, sunrise/sunset, and record temperature data for the following day. The following table lists both the record high and low temperatures for all fifty states. Average Temperature: Jersey. January is the area's coldest month with an average temperature of 32.1 F (0.1 C). A designated food service employee will record the time, air temperature and their initials. The next column displays the date the record high was set, followed by the location where it occurred. In addition, heavy snow covered the ground from the Pacific … U.S. average annual temperature in Celsius 1895-2019; U.S. average monthly temperature in Celsius 2017-2020 ; Estimated U.S. average annual temperature in national parks 1991-2100 If recording is necessary, consider minimizing the data elements collected when recording temperatures. An early taste of winter with record cold temperatures and snow -- yes, snow -- is on the way for the Rocky Mountains. Statewide : Record Minimum Temperature: Record Maximum Temperature: Difference °F: State: Min °F: Date: Station: Elevation (ft) Max °F: Date: Station: Elevation (ft) Find daily records of high and low temperature and precipitation for most localities in the United States. In New Brunswick, temperatures reached 20 degrees, lower than the 1920 record of 23. New Jersey has been getting warmer, and temperatures have been rising in … So it's plausible that if this winter is one of the warmest on record, above-average temperatures could be more likely this spring. Records and Normals; Archived Legacy Data; Snowfall and ice Records; Record Highs and Lows; PHI/Mt Holly Snow Tables; Climate Prediction; Precipitation Records ; National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) NOAA Climate Records; Other. Temperatures listed by rank. If all temperature checks are recorded, only record last name of employee and temperature, rather than first and last name. Automatic PDF report and graph creation. On Christmas Eve and Christmas day of that year, more than 125 cities east of the Rockies broke temperature records for the day, and 34 hit the record cold temperatures for the entire month of December. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 17°C (63°F). Boston only reached a high of 10 degrees and the temperature only climbed to … Loading weather data. The coldest temperature recorded in the contiguous U.S. is 70 degrees below zero, measured at Rogers Pass, Montana, on Jan. 20, 1954. The New Jersey State Climatologist has ranked the five hottest — and coldest — of all months since 1895, when temperature records began to be kept. The tables give the normals for maximum and minimum temperatures based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 by the US National Climatic Data Center. How does temperature change with latitude? Employers across the globe, faced with the need to reduce the risk of workplace transmission of COVID-19, may be contemplating imposing standard temperature screenings on their employees. HMA=Highest monthly average, LMA=Lowest monthly average. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States, but the validity of this record is challenged as possible problems with the reading have since been discovered. These punishing temperatures, which dipped below zero in many areas, were also accompanied by brutal, stinging winds. record low of 40°F in 1911 in Aibonito and 1966 in San Sebastian in Puerto Rico), only the most recent date is shown. In many jurisdictions, an employer may need or want to consult with employee representatives (such as Works Councils in Europe or unions where applicable) or limit temperature … The humidity and wind speed information were calculated from data from 15,000 worldwide stations for the period of time from 1980 to 2010. Each state is listed alphabetically in the first column, followed by the highest temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) ever recorded there. For example, at ranking level 1, California holds the record for highest temperature (134°), Alaska holds the record for lowest temperature (-80°), Arizona records the highest monthly averages for a year (105.0°) and Alaska records the lowest monthly average temperatures for a year (-21.6°). Read on to find out about the hottest ever recorded temperatures. History: Scientific and exploratory expedition to area of Lady Franklin Bay, Greenland, authorized by act of May 1, 1880 (21 Stat. Average winter temperatures range from a high of 67.4 degrees Fahrenheit (19.7 degrees Celsius) in Hawaii to a low of 2.6 °F (-16.3 °C) in Alaska. Instructions: This log will be maintained for each refrigerator and freezer (both walk-in and reach-in units) in the facility. READ MORE Temperature Data Logging Low cost temperature monitoring -30° to +70°C. Answer questions such as: Where did it rain or snow on a specific date? Marooned, winter of 1883-84. "And it broke the record by about 4 degrees, which is pretty substantial." Please wait… Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 6 6 8 9 12 14 17 17 16 13 9 7 °F: 42 42 46 47 53 57 62 62 60 55 48 45 Average High/Low Temperature: Jersey. Midland Temperature Climatology for May. New York City Climate Records and Averages New York City possesses a humid continental climate, with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Display different variables to look for patterns and compare them among different dates. The warmest winter on record is … Now, more than ever! Record high temperatures have been set for today's date at Central Park, LaGuardia, and Newark, NJ. Agricultural Shipping READ MORE MaxiLog-PDF Bluetooth NEW! US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service In most cases, data from the listed station were utilized, though temporal data gaps resulted in the substitution of data from nearby surrogates. Event Archives; Historical Weather Information; State Climatologists; Other Resources; Philadelphia/Mount Holly Weather Forecast Office … 82). This reading surpasses by 0.4° the previous record held jointly by 1955, 1999, and 2011 (Table 1). How much snow was on the ground at a station on a specific date? The temperatures reached as of 12:40 pm for these respective locations are 67, 66, and 69. The freezing temperatures broke records in parts of New England. Average temperatures for May at cities, towns, parks and lakes throughout New Jersey are listed below in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. Reports of wind, 1872-79; rainfall, 1871-84; barometric pressure, 1871-90; and temperature, 1871-86. Monthly Climate Observations: Historic Statewide Data (1895 - Present) Monthly mean temperature and precipitation tables for northern, southern, coastal, and statewide New Jersey from the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist. There's a lot of talk about the record-setting temperatures of the past couple years, and how they relate to climate change. 27.4.5 Records of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1881-84. July 2020 was the hottest month on record for the Garden State since records commenced in 1895. If two dates have the same temperature record (e.g. The area averages 234 days with sunshine per year, and averages 58% of possible sunshine annually. How-To. Precipitation data includes both calendar year and water year totals, percent of normal values, and comparisons to normal. The statewide average temperature of 78.8° was 4.2° above the 1981–2010 normal. This product is available for up to 2 months. The temperatures are state-wide averages calculated from temperatures recorded during the months of December, January and February. Survivors rescued, June 22, 1884. You can jump to a separate table for: North Jersey and South Jersey. World Water Temperature from Global Sea Temperatures. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history.