Magnolia Susan 25 Litre Pot 150/160cm . Magnolia tree for sale 1X 3FT LARGE MAGNOLIA SOULANGEANA PLANT - FRAGRANT TREE - 3L: 9 £ | 1x Magnolia Stellata "Waterlily" Shrub Plant Tree Supplied in a 3 L| Architectural silhouettes (16) Evergreen / semi evergreen (4) Flowering (19) Low maintenance (19) Non poisonous (19) Winter colour (4) Position. Soulangeana is a fantastic small tree for... £19.99 Each variety has its own unique flower and each flower has its own delightfully sweet scent. Known for their stunning goblet flowers, some cultivars are among the first trees to blossom with their flowers emerging even before their leaves. Buy Trees | With a choice of trees online for sale you can find your perfect tree with us. Eco-Friendly. Large Range of Stock Available. Magnolia Characteristic goblet shaped flowers make magnolias instantly recognisable in early summer. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in.. More Info. Fordham, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB75LW The new Magnolia varieties offer a choice of colours from pure white to pink and lemon; trees for large gardens or compact growing trees for large pots and borders. Magnolia Best seller. Introduced in recent years, it is still relatively a rare Magnolia with in the UK, yet it is also one of the most striking and magnificent Magnolias you will ever see. Some of the magnolias are valuable for lumber, and some species, the bark and fruit are used in medicine. Fairy Magnolia Blush 3L pot £ 19.99. Suitable for containers or planted directly into the ground, magnolia shrubs are guaranteed to look wonderful in your garden! Large fragrant pink flowers and a neat upright habit. We want our customers to buy with confidence, which is why we offer a, Mail Order Trees, Accept Cookies . 97% score from 1500 reviews. Magnolia trees are easy to maintain in both large or small gardens. View Our Roses. Eco-Friendly. Magnolias have been around in gardens for many years and are evergreen or deciduous trees and tall shrubs. The flowers are generally quite large and come in a whole range of colours; the pure white Magnolia Grandiflora has extremely large cup-shaped flowers that can be up to 25cm across, and in contrast to that the Magnolia Stellata has long and slender pinky white petals. Prune Magnolia shrubs lightly each year to keep at a manageable height and shape. Caerhays Castle gardens has one of the National Collections of Magnolia - read more. The flowers appear rather erratically over a period from June to November are white, large, cup shaped and fragrant. King and Co is a leading tree nursery for evergreen trees in the UK. It has large glossy green leaves which have a mat brown rust coloured underside. Magnolia are easy to grow and are very low maintenance, superb for creating that impact in spring. Large (9) Medium (10) Special features. Magnolia is a large genus which has 210 species, and Magnolias are from the family Magnoliaceae. Add to Cart. In landscape design, the Magnificent Magnolias are planted often as solitary specimens where they can be seen!! . Order by 12pm Next Day Delivery. A good choice for your first magnolia. Magnolia trees for sale 3X MIXED 3FT LARGE MAGNOLIA PLANTS TREES - SUSAN, BETTY & SOULANAGEANA 3L: 29.3 £ | 1X 3-4FT LARGE MAGNOLIA GEORGE HENRY KERN PLANT TR| Available to buy online and with UK nationwide delivery. We use cookies to improve your experience. Back of border (2) Front of border (1) Middle of border (5) Next to an entrance (19) Next to seating areas (19) Sort by: Show: add to wishlist Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra' £34.99. View Our Bare rooted trees for pre-order. The stems have been grown as a perfect standard or to about 6 feet where the canopy begins. The majority of Magnolia trees are deciduous, but you do get a few evergreen varieties like the 'Grandiflora'. Magnolia Soulangeana Trees. Add to Cart. Huge maroon-purple tulip shaped scented flowers. An ancient genus, magnolias preceded bees and evolved their unique flowers to encourage pollination by beetles. To find out more see our. Magnolia plants begin flowering begins in early spring to late summer and we’re confident that our range of magnolia trees for sale will suit all tastes and budgets. These Gallisoniensis Magnolia Grandiflora trees also known as Bull Bay are the ideal evergreen tree to screen your garden and house from neighbours or unwanted views. Buy Gallisoniensis Magnolia Grandiflora Trees with Planting in Leicestershire & throughout the UK. All trees are lovingly grown in our British nursery, buy trees online from Europe's largest tree specialist. Magnolias are highly prized for their outstanding floral display and within the genus there is great variety. X. A very wide range of high quality trees grown in containers and are suitable for planting all year round. Shades of deepest pink to white create a stunning display in springtime and are a welcome sight after the dead of winter. They will all grow into medium or large trees eventually. In stock. Learn More. Hugely important in Chinese and Japanese cultures they have been cultivated in China for centuries and often appear in artworks and oriental garden designs. £49.95buy. Traditionally, the bark and the flower buds have been used in Chinese herbal medicine and the leaves are still used in Japanese cookery as a way of wrapping food and even as a cooking dish when layered together. 42 Station Road, Magnolia Trees. Elizabeth . £90.00. This outstanding genus was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol (1638-1715). Range of mature large Magnolia trees up to 5m height. Browse Now. The Magnolia denudata Yellow River, also known as 'Fei Huang' is absolutely fantastic. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The large, tulip shaped, deep rose-pink to pure white flowers are produced before the new leaves in mid-late spring. From £19.50. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Customer Reviews. View Our End of Season Sale. … Evergreen trees are versatile and remain effective throughout the year and are perfect for that permanent structure in your garden. Large Range of Stock Available. Whilst many Magnolia trees are deciduous, we also offer evergreen and semi-evergreen varieties that are useful for screening. Trees. Magnolia 'Black Beauty' £ 19.99. We are prominent suppliers of all kinds of evergreen trees and plants and provide trees, topiary, shrubs, hedging and several other plant varieties to homes as well as commercial areas. Flowering month: April; Flower colour: Yellow; Magnolia. They give a spectacular display in early spring. A bold and bright tree that is perfect for adding interest in all seasons. We also grow instant hedging, all grown in AirPots to ensure the finest fibrous root system in the industry, enabling year round planting. Evergreen magnolias such as the Bull Bay Tree or Magnolia Grandiflora are perfect for evergreen screening or for training against a south wall producing beautifully large waxy and highly perfumed flowers in late summer. From £45.00. Magnolia is a large genus which has 210 species, and Magnolias are from the family Magnoliaceae. The leaves of magnolia trees are usually large in size with a thick and glossy leaf that sometimes has a golden brown underside. You would be hard-pressed to find a flower as large and beautiful as this one in your average garden. Orders containing Pre-ordered products will be shipped as a single order when all items become available. I opt-in to a better browsing experience. Phone: 0800 066 5972/ 01638 724992, Trachelospermum Jasminoides - Confederate Jasmine, Lonicera Belgica - Early Dutch honeysuckle, Parthenocissus quinquefolia - Virginia Creeper, Hydrangea petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea, Magnolia grandiflora - Evergreen Magnolia Tree, Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth - Magnolia Tree, Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem - Dwarf Evergreen Magnolia, Magnolia kobus - Northern Japanese Magnolia Tree, Magnolia grandiflora Francois Treyve - Magnolia Tree, Magnolia stellata Royal Star - Magnolia Tree, Magnolia Sieboldii - Chinese Magnolia Tree, Magnolia George Henry Kern - Magnolia Tree, Magnolia grandiflora Goliath - Bullbay Goliath. Magnolia 'Black Beauty' bush bare root £ 19.99 . They make fantastic ornamental garden trees or shrubs, with the flowering season ranging from early spring to late summer. Elegant Magnolia Grandiflora grown as a full standard specimen tree is for sale from Evergreen Screening specialist nursery Paramount Plants in North London UK. Magnolia - Garden Plants for Sale Hardy tree/shrub - Flowers April to May. Gently remove the pot but do not try to loosen the roots of Magnolia trees before planting. These trees are of course mainly planted for their ornamental value, but they also have other non-horticultural uses. Compact magnolia trees are ideal for an average size garden. This variety produces large cup or saucer shaped pale pink flowers in early spring, this happens before the leaves arrive in late April. Euonymous alatus TREE - Burning Bush Spindle Tree Euonymus - Extra Large 140-160cms Tree BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 59.99, today just 49.99 - Save £10! Magnolia 'Apollo' £ 29.99. Flowering in late April, it makes a large, broad spreading, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub or small tree. For Sales Call: 01943 660870. Showing all 5 results Magnolia George Henry Kern Trees The Magnolia grandiflora boasts the most beautiful, very large white flowers and glossy green foliage which holds all year round. The UK's Leading Specialists For Mature Trees & Shrubs. Magnolia 'Big Dude' £ 29.99. These deciduous flowering magnolias are considered small trees. Saucer magnolia or Magnolia x Soulangiana are large flowered. From £19.50. Fairy Magnolia Blush 13cm pot £ 14.99. Large orders may be part shipped, please contact us on 01782 502741 or email Large 4ft Magnolia Sun Spire - Tulip Tree £ 19.99. Flowering intermittently from June to November, the grandiflora is native to the southern United States, where it is known as the southern magnolia or bull bay due to its great size, with some specimens reaching over 30m high. UK delivery. … Customer Reviews. Magnolias are highly prized for their outstanding floral display and within the genus there is great variety. Call us on 01353 720950. Whilst they do look great in borders or pots, a sheltered area will suit the tree’s foliage during high winds. Magnolia Soulangeana is a gorgeous deciduous spreading tree, bearing large dark green leaves. Make sure not to bank the soil up around the collar of the tree. View Our Native British Trees. Magnolia Soulangeana Satisfaction 140-150cm 15 Litre: Satisfaction is a super attractive small growing Magnolia, reaching heights that will not exceed 3 metres, even in the very best planting conditions, realistically 2 metres is a more probable height. Home / Tree Gifts / Wedding Trees / Magnolia Soulangeana Trees. Search. Magnolia Soulangeana £ 57.50. 25% OFF All Plants Online! Browse Now. From £45.00. Browse Now. Magnolia 'Apricot Brandy' £ 29.99. × Close menu Home; Tree Finder; Accessories; Commercial; Guides; Blog; Contact us; Instant Chat. MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA GALISSONIERE – Evergreen Magnolia Characteristics Galissoniere is a large evergreen tree that is rarely seen free standing, more often growing against a wall. Evergreen trees form the backbone of any garden design and are essential for providing structure and all year round interest. Flowering month: April; Flower colour: Pink; Magnolia x brooklynensis. Today's Deals Warehouse Deals Outlet Subscribe & Save Vouchers Amazon Family Amazon Prime Prime Video Prime Student Mobile Apps Amazon Pickup Locations Amazon Assistant 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "magnolia tree" £59.99 Magnolias are an ancient genus that have been found (via fossils) to have grown throughout Europe, Asia and America. These are our selection of the very best newer and more recently introduced Magnolia varieties as they grow in the garden here, they are best suited to the larger garden. How to Care for your Magnolia. Magnolia x soulangeana is the best known of all the Magnolias with 'cup and saucer' shaped blooms. Magnolia Genie 15 Litre Pot Tree Shaped . Magnolia are prized for their large tulip or star shaped flowers that come in shades of white, pink, purple and even yellow. Some of the earlier flowering varieties like the 'Merrill' blossom before the leaves appear on the bare branches, yet other later flowering varieties like the 'George Henry Kern' blossom alongside the leaves in late spring and early summer. Please Note: Shrubs in 20 litre pots and above might require a pallet delivery starting at £75.00 per pallet. Order by 12pm Next Day Delivery. Browse Now. £72.00. It was first introduced by Etienne Soulange-Bodin, a cavalry officer in Napoleon's army. This outstanding genus was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol (1638-1715). For advice on selection, whether for garden or larger scale planting, you are welcome to phone and speak to one of our experts, or better still, why not visit us and select your own plants. They have a fleshy root system and can be quite fragile. They are named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol - these fabulous shrubs and trees are renowned for heralding the Spring with copious star or goblet shaped blooms appearing on leafless branches. Large Established Magnolia Soulangeana 175/200cm 30 Litre: Soulangeana one of the most popular of the early flowering Magnolia. Majestic Trees offers the best selection of semi-mature and mature trees at our nursery in the country for you to visit! Browse Now. Magnolia. The fragrant flowers open before the foliage and range in colour from white, to pink, to purple - flowers range in size from 3-12inches in diameter. One of the best magnolias to plant. Elizabeth is a small late-flowering Magnolia which displays yellow spring flowers on bare branches. These wonderfully striking shrubs and trees are guaranteed to make a big impact wherever they are grown. Using 50% of the original soil and 50% compost, fill in the hole and firm around gently. Magnolia plants are wonderful ornamental trees, which produce striking spring and summer flowers that are a beautiful sight when flowers are open. View Our Bare rooted trees for pre-order. From £30.00. The Magnolia Soulangeana is a magnificent rounded spreading tree bearing fragrant tulip-like purple-flushed white flowers, which are borne in g lorious display from mid … Expert nursery with 20 years experience. Magnolia grandiflora is a large evergreen tree with gorgeous glossy green leaves and large, white, cup-shaped flowers. Magnolia Grandiflora Trees. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience.