A FiberArtsy Tutorial. There are endless craft projects and felt flowers and decor items you can make with felt. And it's by far the most fun! All you need is the basic wet felting know how. First, you will need to cut both the flowers and leaves with your Cricut machine. Make sure to select “Felt, Acrylic Fabric” or “Felt, Wool Fabric” depending on your felt type. You could easily cut out floral shapes by hand though! This post may contain affiliate links. How to Make Felt Flowers. This wreath is so beautiful and instead of buying one on Etsy, make your own felt flower wreath. So here we go so the first thing you need to do is get the color flower that you want. so I wanted to come on on this and show another fun felt flower hand-cut. It’s Felt Flower Week again! Never before have felt flowers + leaves been SO easy to make. Freedom to cut bigger dies. The Cricut Maker was designed to cut fabric and felt, so it is naturally much easier to cut felt with. Rose of Sharon die. Of course, you can hand cut all of the felt flowers. Felt doesn’t have a right or wrong side, so if the pen is still noticeable, you can turn the felt piece over and place it on your soft toy with the traced side down . You can make felt flowers for your home, create felt garlands, or use our felt flower patterns to make pretty headbands. Starting a cross-stitch project can feel overwhelming when you’re a beginner. How to Make Felt Flowers: Can’t watch the video or missed some of the steps? And we have some felt flower … Felt flowers are usually made by one of four basic techniques - some use a combination of them.The effect of creating a particular flower (rose, mums, peony, daisy, etc) is achieved by shaping or cutting the top of the felt petals in different ways. Buttons in assorted shapes and colors; Felt Glue Free Felt Flower Patterns and Tutorials at AllCrafts! I prefer the wool blend felt (which is hard to find in stores) because it cuts cleaner and is softer and easier to shape. Cut multiple layers of fabric. Felt, cut into various sized and shaped flowers and circles – we used our Sizzix Big Shot and the Flowers, Leaves & Stem #5 Die to make quick work of it, but you can also purchase pre-cut felt flowers to save time or simply use scissors and cut by hand! First I cut out a bunch of flowers from wool felt, using my Go Baby! Like I mentioned earlier, I had to kind of cut the felt leaves free with my embroidery scissors. How to Make Pretty Felted Flowers. I will be including a felt flower pattern for the petals of an anemone flower. Cut out each sheet of your petals. I ordered all my felt for these from this shop . Trace the round (base), spiral and the rectangular shapes on yellow felt or any color felt you feel is appropriate. Felt flowers are simply beautiful. No dye cut machine. Gather craft tools and materials. Felt is such a versatile fabric. It's surprisingly easy to cut shapes and patterns out of felt -and we have a technique that is much more precise than pinning, far less fuzzy then transfer pens and cleaner than chalk! Order pre-cut felt flowers HERE or HERE. Wool felt in the color you want your flower, and some scraps of green. I have more information on cutting felt with your Cricut here. I also have step-by-step instructions to make Cricut felt flowers for you below. Stitch a little notch in the back, and knot to finish. This will prompt you to insert the rotary blade. But this week is extra, extra special because we’re cutting all our petals and leaves using our amazing Cricut Maker! I loved making felt flowers and this pillow. Yup! Previous to getting a Cricut Maker, I had to cut felt flowers by hand or use a heavy steel rule die system that only cut flowers on one size. Now that everything is cut out, it’s time for assembly. Hi, it's Cheryl from Home of Making I wanted to come on this morning. Choose: Felt, Wool Fabric as your cut setting and use the rotary blade. For the embellished top, set the flower pieces you made earlier on top and using a French knot stitch sew the flower to the pincushion adding random knots all over. Upload your felt flower .SVG cut file into Design Space and add it to your canvas. Rosette felt flowers. However, I still do lots of sewing DIY projects for my kids when I will use pattern and that is why this secret of cutting felt was a huge game-changer for me:. How to Make Felt Red Poppies. And Supplies, of course! The key is freezer paper (yes, the same paper you can wrap your food in!) Cut little slits into the folded part of the felt towards the edge. Making flowers out of felt is a fun and simple craft, and you can find your inspiration in so many different types of flowers. With the Bigz dies from Sizzix, users can cut pieces 2 feet in length. Felt (the better the quality, the nicer the end result — I was particularly happy with the Cricut felt)—go for natural colors like yellowy greens, pinks, blues, and purples. This is definitely an activity your kids will love, as it allows them to get creative, and they can do so many cool things with the finished product: add them to a headband or a barrette, use them to decorate their rooms, or even give them away as little presents. Trace the leaf shapes on green felt. Use shears to cut a circle piece that is roughly the same size as the back side of the flower. Trace the petal shapes on the felt selected for the flower. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the entire back side of the rolled flower. Our felt flower mobile is gorgeous for a nursery. Cut them out. I'm gonna start with the pink Color and the first thing I'm gonna do is cut out squares of. It is fairly straight forward and doesn’t need some of the work arounds that cutting felt with the Cricut Explore needs. Cut out felt according to the pattern, using a Cricut Maker or scissors. Stop when you get to the size of the base. To get a perfect cut you will first need to make up a 'die-cut sandwich'. After your spiral shape is cut out, start with the middle and roll it into a flower … I decided to try some felt flowers to test it out. it is super quick and easy; I got perfect shapes especially if I need more pieces of the same shape; Perfect felt crafts – Secret of cutting felt in 5 simple steps. (Begin the felt flowers DIY tutorial at step 5 if using the pre-cut felt flowers) You will only need twigs (or pipe cleaners), pruning shears, pompoms and a glue gun with glue sticks to complete this felt craft. I will show you how to make felt flowers for a wreath. This is what you'll need:-freezer paper-pattern -felt-iron-pencil-scissors 1. Affix the circle felt piece to the back side of the flower, pressing firmly to secure. Pass the needle and thread through the center of a pom, leaving a short tail. Pin the image below to your Craft boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). … Especially your scissors and glue gun. Cut a strip of black or gray felt/material to about 1/2 … How to make DIY felt flowers: 1. I figured they would be a great way to see how well the maker could cut felt. Cutting pads are clear acrylic rectangles that the die cuts into as they cut the felt. With a digital die cut machine, users are limited to cutting one layer piece at a time, but some manual machines can cut up to 10 layers at once. Three stitches in total. Cut Felt with Your Cricut. The last thing you want is globs of glue all over your beautiful felt flowers. Learn How to Make Felt Flowers 4 Basic Methods. so what I do to start is I take a piece of you could do cardboard or you could do these. You have to find a cool cross stitch pattern, gather the materials, and, finally, get comfortable with the cross-stitching process. The cool thing about felting flowers is that you can … Felt Bud Assembly: Start with 3 petals and attach them with a dot of hot glue to the felt … Most other digital cutting machines require stabilizers on the fabric in order to cut through the fabric. First, cut out your felt using the felt flower template provided. Did you know that you can take raw fiber and roving to felt pretty flowers? For the cream-colored rosettes, you can use one of the larger templates. Cut just ‘inside’ the line you traced so your felt piece is the same size and the pattern piece and you don’t have too much pen ink on your felt piece. Luckily, there’s a way simpler approach: kits. Here is a step by step guide for die cutting felt using wafer thin dies. You can drag to resize this file larger with no problem, if you shrink this file at all the tiny tip leaf won’t cut … Then customize as you’d like and prepare to cut. Prepare the patterns from the template by printing and cutting them out. To make a French knot bring the needle up through the felt from the bottom. STEP FIVE: Assemble the flower. The key to a successful felt flower lies in the tools you use. A manual die cut machine can cut multiple layers of fabric at once. Hold the needle with one hand while the other hand wraps the thread 3 or 4 times around. Start cutting at one edge, about 1/4 of an inch, around and around. #crafts #feltflowers #diy #craftproject #craft Your guide for all types of crafts. Fluffy felt flower: Cut a piece of felt 3 1/4” wide by any length (depending on how big you want your flower, I used 25-Inches long). Add die cutting into the mix and the sky’s the limit! You’ll also find felt flower ideas for more momentous occasions. The basic level sandwich starts with a cutting pad, a steel rule die, a sheet of felt and is topped with a second cutting pad. and a sharp scissors. These DIY felt flowers will bring a pop of color to any home. • Felt • Ruler or cutting mat *For the canvas, you could easily go bigger (this is what I had on hand, the inspiration picture uses a 12×12 canvas) but if you go bigger you’ll need to cut out bigger (or more) petals to fill out your flower. Not only is this a project that you would not want anything on the back of the felt, but it also has some pretty small details with the leaves and the petals and I was curious to see how well they would cut. I use my Accuquilt cutter (affiliate link) constantly for felt work. But the Cricut Maker saves you hours of time and it makes it a really fun project. Luckily Cricut Maker can cut over 50 types of fabric, including felt, with or without stabilizers. For all but the felt, my flower pieces weeded right out without a hitch. Then download the flower pattern at the end of this post. I’ve tried a handful of glue guns, and let me tell you that the wrong one can really affect the quality of your florals. Fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold in half, and dab a little hot glue in the middle, let it cool. Then pull taut and this will give the flower a puckered look. This is our third edition of sharing felt flower patterns all week long that culminate in a stunning DIY felt flower wedding bouquet. Thread a long embroidery needle with three strands of black embroidery floss. If you end up loving to cut felt and plan to do it a lot, it … We're actually this afternoon and show you how I make my hand cut fill flowers a lot of you been asking so I figured let me go live now before the big game because I'm gonna be busy later. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much … I find it’s easiest to use clear tape to hold the patterns down, rather than pins. ; Eyeshadow and blush (to shade the leaves) Lipstick or oil pastel crayons (to color the edges of the leaves); Glue gun and hot glue sticks; Tweezers; A way to cut your felt (I used the amazing Cricut cutting machine!